GDPR for Payments

GDPR for Payments GDPR is an important EU wide regulatory mandate. It provides increased protection of individual privacy and gives individuals more control over the information they share. In our view GDPR is an important element of building a scalable data centric...

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US Supreme Court repeal of PASPA

US Supreme Court repeal of PASPA On Monday, May 14, 2018, the Supreme Court of the United States held in the Murphy v. National Collegiate Athletic Association case that the federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (“PASPA”) violated the Tenth Amendment...

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Gropay’s 5 Tips For The Holiday Season!

GROPAY'S 5 TIPS FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON With all the preparations for the holiday, last week deadlines, the multitude of drinks, parties, last minute shopping as well as high expectations from family and friends, it is easy to get lost in this busy time before the...

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Is the future of payments happening in India now?

India Makes Important Advances in Biometric Payments In India it’s already possible for a consumer to authorise and authenticate a payment with their fingerprint or iris scan. As a largely cash based economy India has leapfrogged the use of Cards and Smart Phones for...

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How Do Bitcoins Impact Online Merchants?

How do bitcoins impact online merchants? There’s a lot that has been said and written about bitcoins. They are the talk of the town these days. Undoubtedly bitcoins and related distributed ledger technologies will have a lasting impact on payments and financial...

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PSD2 What Will Really Change?

PSD2 What Will Really Change? There has been a lot written about the PSD2 and rightly so, it is important regulation soon to be enacted into legislation that will bring significant innovation and change to electronic payments. But what will actually change in the day...

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SafeCharge Three Years After IPO

SafeCharge 3 Years After IPO In this post we look at SafeCharge, a medium sized payment processor and recently formed acquirer. We look at the following items; history, the IPO, recent performance, drivers of growth so far, recent strategic moves and execution...

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The Stamina Of Clinton Or Trump?

The Stamina of Clinton Or Trump There have been lot of comments made by presidential candidate Donald Trump triggering a lot of media attention and public debates recently. Not the most notorious comment, but still one that made me pause in the work I was doing....

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GDPR – Data Protection Gets Serious

GDPR - Data Protection Gets Serious On 14 April 2016, the EU Parliament adopted the long awaited General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) The GDPR will have considerable impact on all companies that provide goods or services to Europe, regardless of the company’s...

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Authentication – Payer! Reveal Thyself

Authentication - Payer! Reveal Thyself EPC releases results of latest consultations for e-mandate today: what does this mean for authentication and your online business? Earlier today, 5 April 2016, the European Payments Council (EPC) announced the launch of the...

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Fantasy Sports – It’s All A Fantasy

Fantasy Sports - It's All A Fantasy Fantasy Sports continue to gain popularity California recently introduced a bill to allow online sports betting. The motivation of this bill is believed to be the increasing popularity of fantasy sports. Although, the bill has yet...

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Cash – Kicking The Habit

Cash - Kicking The Habit There was an interesting article in The Economist recently about strikes on the London Underground (Tube). Such strikes are commonly believed to have a short term net cost to the economy. However the article quoted a study by Oxford and...

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Data Protection – To Russia With Love

Data Protection - To Russia With Love Data Protection Russia Russia’s new data protection law came into effect on the 1st of September 2015. It’s now required by law to store personal details of Russian citizens on servers physically located in Russia. Copies of the...

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Dressing For Work – Looking The Part

I had a manager once who was a real mover and shaker in HR, brilliant in strategy and amazing to work with. Although visionary in his business outlook, there were some basic things that could really set him off when meeting new people: things like scruffy shoes. You...

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Tattoos – Ink At Work

Are Tattoos ever OK at work? I was HR Director at a large organization when I suddenly completely got caught by a curb ball thrown by one of my main stakeholders. “What is our HR policy on tattoos?”  I had to take a two second pause before responding with a gigantic...

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Wirecard’s $9 Billion Bid For Worldpay

Wirecard with a market value of $ 5.2 billion made a $9 billion bid for Worldpay. Is this a serious bid? What will Wirecard do with Worldpay? Wirecard has extensive experience with M&A and also in acquiring companies larger than itself and making it a success; as...

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Changing Jobs – Stay Or Go?

Changing jobs - How long should you stay in your current job? In this day and age, most employees are not even aware that organisations used to have tenure incentives like a fancy watch, a toaster or at least a bunch of flowers when you reached your 20 or 25 years of...

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Distracted Living – A Simple Life

Distracted Living Psychology Today published an interesting blog on distracted living. Distracted living is where you miss out on much of your life because you generally aren’t paying attention, or your attention is so torn in many directions that your really do not...

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Is Visa Worried About Paypal?

Is Visa worried about Paypal? Visa recently published a report on Visa Checkout in which they stated that Visa Checkout delivers 17% better conversion than Paypal. One of the interesting points about this report is that Visa considers Paypal as enough of a threat to...

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Mergers And Acquisitions

How do I deal with my company going through a merger or acquisition? Working in the payments sector? There is a big chance that your company is engaged in a merger, is taking over another company or is about to become an acquisition. 2014 was a big year for payments...

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