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How do I deal with my company going through a merger or acquisition?

Working in the payments sector? There is a big chance that your company is engaged in a merger, is taking over another company or is about to become an acquisition. 2014 was a big year for payments M&A, the latest Financial Technology M&A report by Berkery Noyes reveals.  Not only were four out of the five largest financial technology M&A deals in the payments segment, but transaction volume in the segment also experienced a 44% rise over the past year, with a total of 137 deals in 2014.

While exciting times for the main shareholders, these can be quite challenging times for staff members. Investments are put on hold, main projects slowed down, an influx of new colleagues (some in the exact same position as you), new management, new culture, conflict of cultures…in short a lot going on.

Not easy to remain confident about your future within the organisation. How do you know whether this organisational change is going to make or break your career?

Gropay - Mergers and Acquisitions

Whilst things might be rough going while new policies and procedures are worked up, management changes are made and the whole organisation is trying to shift itself to the new situation, you may wish to focus on the positive side of this merger or acquisition. It may result in job losses but it may also create new opportunities. While the organisation is changing its employment contracts, you may have a window of opportunity to skirt your employment restrictions to go join the competition. And even if you decide to stay, you will get a great learning experience:

  • You can find out how you deal with such uncertain circumstances and work on your ability to handle more stressful and unknown territories.
  • You get the ability to look the other organisation in more details. What can you learn from their products, their technologies, their approach and procedures? Perhaps they even offer new trainings programs that you could benefit from.
  • You may get to work with new management and whilst that is an unknown factor they may bring something completely new to your professional development.

Most confident and well performing staff members quite often start leaving the organisation. They know their market value and may be too impatient to want to wait till the dust has settled again.  Is it automatically a bad career move to stay? Not necessarily, the following sentence sure can look good on your resume:  retained excellent performance throughout organisational restructure consisting of large reduction of departmental resources over the past year.  So if you can find a way to participate in the restructure; be a key player in ensuring a smooth transition; help boost morale in your department; help out in developing strategy and planning. This merger may become the best career booster of all times.

However, has the merger been over a year ago and you are still not convinced of its benefits? Then this new organisation is likely no longer for you and it is time to acquire something new yourself.

So tell us, how do you deal with your company going through a merger or acquisition? Do you see it as an opportunity or is your company not managing to keep the unrest at bay?

Mergers and acquisitions are a prime time for deciding whether to stay or go. Read our blog post about it here.


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