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Gropay delivers payment focussed consultancy, interim management and talent acquisition services across the globe.

Gropay specialises in 4 key service areas:

Growth: Business development, global expansion, relationship management and talent acquisition

Operations: Product, risk and fraud management

Compliance: Regulatory and contractual

Mergers and Acquisitions: Valuation, due diligence and post investment interim management

We also tailor services for bespoke requirements. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

We deliver our services across 4 key segments: Merchants, Payment Providers, Investors and Individuals

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GDPR Compliance

Gropay helps clients comply with the EU GDPR


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Merchant Services

Gropay helps merchants increase conversion, reduce costs and manage their payments


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Investor Services

Gropay helps Investors identify, value and operate payment investments


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Payment Provider Services

Gropay helps Payment Providers increase their sales and profits


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Career Solutions for Individuals

Gropay helps payment professionals advance in their careers




Gropay differentiates itself through a creative application of our payments knowledge, experience and network. It is the combination of these factors that helps us to deliver consistent value to our clients.



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Our focus is on finding simple solutions to complex challenges. In our experience the key to doing so is creativity in problem resolution. We start with the end in mind by carefully agreeing first the measurable outcomes or benefits that need to be achieved. We take inventory of the existing assets and capabilities and plan a creative path to the benefits.


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Gropay has been successfully delivering measurable benefits to its clients since 2008. We have delivered numerous successful projects through these years. This experience is invaluable to potential clients. It helps us to understand the client’s challenges quickly and to apply best practice methodologies and processes to quick project success.

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Gropay is a team of experts. We pride ourselves in our hands on knowledge of payments and financial technology. Our work directly with merchants gives us invaluable knowledge on the payment related challenges and goals of main merchants verticals. Our work directly with payment providers and schemes gives us knowledge on the operations and demands of payment providers.

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Simple solutions to complex problems need a network of partnerships for success. Gropay has successfully built these partnerships since 2008 and continues to apply them to projects where necessary.


GDPR for Payments

GDPR for Payments GDPR is an important EU wide regulatory mandate. It provides increased protection of individual privacy and gives individuals more control over the information they share. In our view GDPR is an important element of building a scalable data centric...

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US Supreme Court repeal of PASPA

US Supreme Court repeal of PASPA On Monday, May 14, 2018, the Supreme Court of the United States held in the Murphy v. National Collegiate Athletic Association case that the federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (“PASPA”) violated the Tenth Amendment...

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