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Industry leading merchants such as king (Candy Crush Saga), hostelworld, fanduel and paddypower have trusted Gropay with their payment needs.

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Gropay Merchant Services - Payment Page Optimisation

Merchant Services we believe should begin with a focus on the top line, increasing a merchant’s revenue.

There are a number of areas that we examine and A/B test to ensure that the payment page conversion for a merchant is optimised.

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Gropay Merchant Services - Offering the Right Payment Methods

Approximately 10% of your buyers will not convert if the right payment methods are not offered.

This percentage increases the more you sell cross border with buyers in many countries around the world expecting specific local payment methods to continue.

Gropay matches your geographic presence with our insights into local payment method popularity to ensure you are offering the right methods to convert your buyers.

We leverage our global supplier relationships to ensure you are able to add new payment methods quickly, easily and at the lowest possible cost.




Gropay Merchant Services - Why Web Buyers Abandon Shopping Carts


23% of shopping cart abandonment is due to a complex check out process and request for too much information.

We use our experience from industry leaders in conversion like king, fanduel, paddypower and hostelworld to optimise the payment information capture process.

We do this by payment method ensuring only the absolute necessary information is requested from the buyer and the payment process is kept as simple as possible.



Gropay Merchant Services- Finding the right payment service provider


There are hundreds, if not thousands of payment (service) providers in the market.

New ones are setting up almost on a daily basis.

How does a merchant choose the right provider?

Choosing the wrong partner can be at best a costly mistake and at worst mean a premature end to your business if the partner does not know what they are doing.

Integrating with a payment partner can be time consuming, taking valuable development time away from your core business and product.

Gropay brings a much needed layer of knowledge, trust and independence in breaking through the noise created by payment companies and identifying the right partner for your needs.



Gropay Merchant Services - Request For Proposal


As a client of payment services it’s advisable to look at re-negotiating contracts and pricing long before expiry dates.
Smaller clients may prefer to just get a quick feel of the market from Gropay, who are the suppliers worth considering? What’s new? Changes in the market? and then receive quotes and information from chosen suppliers.

Larger clients may want to use a structured Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Information (RFI) process to ensure appropriate governance and audit trail in the supplier negotiation and decision process.

Either way Gropay supports its clients by leveraging our knowledge, relationships and expertise to ensure that the best economic results are achieved and a preferred partner is retained. We are creative in our approach making sure to present new ideas and relationship structures that could be beneficial to the client.



Gropay Merchant Services - Lowering Payment Processing Pricing


Payment processing pricing can be complex and confusing.

Payment providers will do their best to keep it so as it helps them to hide their margins.

Those providers that offer blended single rates don’t take your unique situation into account, resulting in you paying more for services and products that you don’t need.

The more payment methods you offer the more complexity to the pricing as each method comes with its own pricing profile.

How low will a payment provider go on a particular pricing element?

Gropay uses its experience of pricing negotiated for some of the largest merchants in the world to negotiate the best pricing deal for you.



Gropay Merchant Services - Chargeback Management


Do you effectively fight your chargebacks?

Do you keep your chargebacks to a minimum, well below the scheme limits?

Do you know how to minimise chargebacks in the first place?

Chargebacks can be expensive as you not only lose the revenue but end up paying exorbitant chargeback handling fees.

Gropay brings with it decades of chargeback avoidance, management and reduction experience.



Gropay Merchant Services - Reconciliation and Reporting


Is reconciling your payments a headache?

Are you setting up and using complex spreadsheets, feeding into them your own sales reports and and payment provider reports?

Only to arrive at totals that don’t match or with large unexplained numbers.

How do you account for chargebacks and monthly cut offs for management reporting?

Gropay has set up reconciliation and reporting functions for some of the largest merchants in the world with complex multi country and multi method payment infrastrcutures.



Gropay Merchant Services - Expansion into China


With more than 1.3 billion people and the largest e-commerce market in the world with annual projected volumes of $1.6 trillion and 468 million digital shoppers China is one of the most attractive markets for international expansion. However growth into China comes with a unique set of challenges which Gropay helps address.

As attractive as China is for online merchants it also presents some unique challenges, some of which are:

A need for translation and localization services

Online marketing in China – Google and Facebook are banned in China and local equivalents must be used

A need for local customer service

Access to local payment products – Visa, MasterCard are not popular and local equivalents must be used

Management of Chinese e-commerce platforms – most volume in China happens on large e-commerce platforms (the Amazon’s of China). Management of presence on these platforms is critical to success.

While Gropay directly addresses the challenge of accessing local payment products in China like Chinapay, Unionpay, Alipay and Tenpay we have also leveraged local partners in mainland China to address the other areas of translation, localization, customer service and platform management to be able to provide our merchant clients with a full end to end service in being able to target the Chinese market.

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GDPR Compliance

Gropay helps clients comply with the EU GDPR




Gropay differentiates itself through a creative application of our payments knowledge, experience and network. It is the combination of these factors that helps us to deliver consistent value to our clients.



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Our focus is on finding simple solutions to complex challenges. In our experience the key to doing so is creativity in problem resolution. We start with the end in mind by carefully agreeing first the measurable outcomes or benefits that need to be achieved. We take inventory of the existing assets and capabilities and plan a creative path to the benefits.


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Gropay has been successfully delivering measurable benefits to its clients since 2008. We have delivered numerous successful projects through these years. This experience is invaluable to potential clients. It helps us to understand the client’s challenges quickly and to apply best practice methodologies and processes to quick project success.

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Gropay is a team of experts. We pride ourselves in our hands on knowledge of payments and financial technology. Our work directly with merchants gives us invaluable knowledge on the payment related challenges and goals of main merchants verticals. Our work directly with payment providers and schemes gives us knowledge on the operations and demands of payment providers.

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Simple solutions to complex problems need a network of partnerships for success. Gropay has successfully built these partnerships since 2008 and continues to apply them to projects where necessary.




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