The payments industry is an attractive option for investment. The growth of online and mobile commerce and the migration from cash to electronic payments provide important tailwinds for the growth of this industry.

However the industry is crowded with many companies of varying qualities. How does an investor identify the right investment opportunity?

Once identified, valuation can be a challenge. How does an investor correctly value a potential investment given the internal metrics of the company and given important changes in the market and in the regulatory landscape.

And once a price has been agreed how does an investor ‘look under the bonnet’ to confirm that they are getting what they purchased.

And finally how does an investor ensure that their investment delivers the anticipated returns.

Gropay addresses all these areas through a suite of investor focussed services. Our experience working with Payment Providers gives us a unique advantage in being able to identify possible investment opportunities, valuing these potential investments and performing due diligence. Once an investment has been made our team of experienced C level interim managers are available if needed to help ensure the investor gets the maximum value out of their investment.

Industry leading investors such as Advent International and Bain and Company have relied on Gropay for our investor services.

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Gropay Investor Services - list of payment service providers

The payments ecosystem is crowded and complex.

How does a potential investor identify the right investment opportunity? Is this the right time to invest in Payment Service Providers or should investors invest in acquirers or companies that have both capabilities? Is a POS capability important? What about target geographies and geographic presence?

Gropay helps to cut through the complexity to identify the right investment opportunity.

We use our knowledge of the market and of key companies in the market to pinpoint the most attractive investment opportunity for our investor clients.



Gropay Investor Services - Valuation

Valuation of an investment in a private company needs to take several considerations into account. Gropay provides the expertise and domain knowledge to help investors value payment companies. This includes:

Market growth expectations – At what rate is the market in which the company operates expected to grow?

Competitive landscape – What advantages and unique selling propositions does the company have in comparison to its competitors? What percentage of the expected market size is this company expected to capture?

Revenue and margin elasticity – How elastic are the revenue and margins earned by the company? How could they be impacted under various scenarios?

Gropay’s valuation services are often combined with our due diligence services, explained in more details below.



Gropay Investor Services - Due Diligence

Gropay performs due diligence on behalf of investor clients. Our due diligence services include:

Product review – Is the company’s product complete for attaining the targeted financial metrics. Is the product robust and versatile? Could it grow to meet the desired requirements?

Existing customer and pipeline review – How sticky are existing customers? How strong is the pipeline? What are the likely metrics for closure of business at each stage in the pipeline?

Risk and compliance review – Are the risk and compliance processes robust? Could there be an impending risk / compliance issue or cost that has not been anticipated? Will the company be able to continue to meet its regulatory compliance requirements?

HR Review – Who are the key individuals to ensure the company meets the targets anticipated in the valuation? How likely are these individuals to remain after purchase? What are the contractual details?

Process robustness – How robust are the company’s processes? How easily could they be changed? How well could they handle an increase in business mandated by the financial projections?



Gropay Investor Services - Interim Management

Once an investor has made an investment, Gropay has interim management staff available to assist in the management of the acquisition if necessary.

Gropay staff work alongside the existing management and staff of the acquisition to ensure that the objectives of the investor are realised.

Gropay offers interim management staff in the areas of:


Account and Relationship Management

Product Management

Risk, Compliance and Legal Services



Gropay differentiates itself through a creative application of our payments knowledge, experience and network. It is the combination of these factors that helps us to deliver consistent value to our clients.



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Our focus is on finding simple solutions to complex challenges. In our experience the key to doing so is creativity in problem resolution. We start with the end in mind by carefully agreeing first the measurable outcomes or benefits that need to be achieved. We take inventory of the existing assets and capabilities and plan a creative path to the benefits.


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Gropay has been successfully delivering measurable benefits to its clients since 2008. We have delivered numerous successful projects through these years. This experience is invaluable to potential clients. It helps us to understand the client’s challenges quickly and to apply best practice methodologies and processes to quick project success.

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Gropay is a team of experts. We pride ourselves in our hands on knowledge of payments and financial technology. Our work directly with merchants gives us invaluable knowledge on the payment related challenges and goals of main merchant verticals. Our work directly with payment providers and schemes gives us knowledge on the operations and demands of payment providers.

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Simple solutions to complex problems need a network of partnerships for success. Gropay has successfully built these partnerships since 2008 and continues to apply them to projects where necessary.




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